actress sonakshi varma got cheated by Nigerian cyber criminals


Actress Sonakshi Varma, who is Well-known for acting in low budget movies, fell prey to cybercrime cheaters and she has lost Rs 1.35 lakh. The actress approached Hyderabad Cyber Crime officers. She filed a grievance in Hyderabad Cyber crime police station on Wednesday when a Nigerian conned her.

According to Cybercrime officers, Sonakshi Varma developed a friendly relationship with an unknown person named Merrin kirk through her Facebook account and was chatting with the person for the last six months.

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According to Sonakshi Varma, she developed a friendly relationship with someone named Merrin kirk on Facebook and she used to chat him for an extended time. Later Merrin kirk assured to send a gift for her over a courier. Later Sonakshi Varma received a call from a custom person from Delhi Airports who stated that she got a gift but she should need to deposit the cash so as the gift to be delivered.
Sonakshi Varma deposited the aforesaid amount in an account number shared by him. She waited for two days and once she didn’t get any gift, she tried to contact the fake customs officer on the number on which he contacted her. His phone was switched off and Sonakshi Varma never got that gift even after a week. The actress Sonakshi Varma is cheated by Nigerian conman.


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