Hyderabad: ABVP continues protest in University of Hyderabad for better hostel facilities

University of Hyderabad

Three days after the hunger strike, five more students went on a hunger strike on Thursday, one day after the ABVP unit of the University of Hyderabad was rushed to a private hospital.

Despite police action, the students said they would continue the hunger strike until their demands were met.

The university, meanwhile, said it was considering student demands and was in various stages of completion. The university said the roti maker will be repaired within a week, new RO plants will be installed/repaired within 15 days as installation of the generator at the LH-9 hostel. The students demanded the removal of the LH-9 warden who submitted her resignation, but her resignation is still pending. ABVP said it would continue the hunger strike on Friday.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the administration said it was aware of some maintenance issues in the hostels and various administrative processes are already underway to address them. “Unfortunately, the students suddenly decided to apply unreasonable pressure on the administration to resolve all issues within 24 hours. The various departments of the administration are coordinating their efforts to address these issues quickly,” the statement read.

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The administration says students have been making false claims on social media that no official of the university has visited them since the protest began at 8 pm on August 27, 2019. “That same evening, the Chief Warden, Deputy Chief Wardens, and the Dean, Students Welfare (DSW) visited them and assured them that all outstanding issues would be resolved,” the university said. “Further, the DSW and the Chief Warden have requested the presence of Unit Heads, including Registrar, Deputy Registrar (Security), Computer Network Facility Director, Executive Engineer (together with his team) addressing students on each of the demands.

According to the administration, the medical officer of the university’s health center had repeatedly asked the students to protest and check their vital parameters, but they refused. Finally, at the request of the DSW and the CW, they allowed medical personnel to check their vital parameters on Wednesday.

The police were informed that students protesting about the indefinite fasting were not given advance notice. With the help of government doctors, the police are also monitoring their health. When police believed their health was deteriorating, they were rushed to Citizens Hospital at 6.45pm on August 28.

The administration said it had made it clear to students on more than one occasion that the fuzzy facilities at the two hostels were stopped due to staff shortages. The university is limited to managing a portion of the non-teaching staff as suggested by the UGC. “However, without any border to go to the facility was a mess. Protsahakalapai mess secretary, the previous system was restored, as required by the various student groups. Students to point out that there are already other issues related to the hostels and work to correct them is already in progress. Housing more systematic monitoring Adhyamainanta be used as the Registrar assured the students, “the university said. “All hostel rooms have wired internet connectivity. When adequate funding is provided to the university, we will make every effort to provide WiFi connectivity.

The university administration has appealed to the concerned students to immediately quit their fast. “We want to assure them that the company has realized the issues they have raised and will be involved in resolving them quickly,” they said.


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