AAI issued guidelines for airports in India after the Lockdown


The Airport Authority of India (AAI) has announced the guidelines that will be implemented at airports after the lockdown was lifted in the country.

India has been on lockdown since March 25 due to the Global Covid-19 pandemic.

The new guidelines impose restrictions on food and beverage outlets, along with the number of operating terminals.

According to the AAI Guidelines accessed by news agency PTI: “Initially, airline operations will be restricted to Tier-I cities, such as metros and some state capitals and major Tier-II cities.”

According to the guidelines, airports with more than one terminal may only operate one terminal initially after the lockdown.

In addition, an alternative luggage carousel should be used to ensure social distance.

Guidelines added: “Limited food and drinks and retail outlets will be made available to passengers until the airline’s operations grow steadily. Initially, they should provide takeaway snacks, inboxes, tea/coffee, etc.”

Bars and restaurants at airports are not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages unless they are approved by the concerned State Governments.

Airports will have to set up different parking stands and baggage belts for flights coming from Covid-19 hotspots.

AAI manages around 100 airports across the country. However, the metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad are run by private companies.

In the past, Delhi International Airport and Mumbai International Airport have announced that they will take stringent measures to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

The airports have announced that they will set up markers and temporary detention centers to stay in queues up to 1.5 meters.

The Hyderabad International Airport also plans to implement similar measures and follow social distance. Earlier this month, India planned to implement new regulations at the airport to prevent congestion and limit the spread of Covid-19.


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