93 Lakhs Cash, Jewellery Found At Home Of Tehsildar, Who Won Award in Telangana Government

Best tehsildar awardee arrested in corruption

Two years ago Telangana revenue department official,  V Lavanya was named the best tahsildar of the state. The news shocked many people were when news of Thursday’s raid broke out of her home, worth crores of rupees.

Rs. 93.5 lakhs of gold and 400 grams of gold were found from the Hyderabad home of MS Lavanya, a revenue officer of the Rangareddy district of Telangana.

Another officer, Village Revenue Officer Antyaiah, called MS Lavanya Jr., paid Rs. 4 lakh from a farmer Bhaskar for bribing land records.

Rs. 8 lakhs; Rs. 5 lakh to Lavanya and Rs. 3 lakh to the junior revenue officer. Bhaskar had earlier paid Rs. 30,000 for his passbook. When the cough is requested, Rs. 8 lakhs went to the Anti-Corruption Bureau to make online corrections.

Rs. 93.5 lakh in cash was recovered from the home of a revenue officer in Telangana.
Rs. 93.5 lakh in cash was recovered from the home of a revenue officer in Telangana.

Immediately Rs. 4 lakh – the transaction was set up by the Bureau and looked into the secret – he informed his superior, and the anti-corruption bureau took her into custody.

When she insisted she had nothing to do with bribery, a group attacked her home. Lavanya was arrested and sent to jail on charges of wealth disproportionate to her known sources of income. Investigators also found nine private passbooks and 45 documents linked to her private property. It is suspected that she may have had farmers’ land record passbooks and demanded a bribe to return them.

Lavanya’s video has gone viral, with her corruption allegations and falling out of grace well. It shows a farmer pleading with her at her feet.

The farmer seen in the video is said to be nurses, who are appealing for his land records to be corrected. The video was aimed at exposing the insults and difficulties faced by farmers.



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