5 Great Reasons Why You Should Take a Walk Everyday

walking Exercise

 A Routine Walk in the morning is so good for heath and it has got huge psychological benefit too.

A daily morning is so good for heath and has got psychological benefits are also there in it

  1. Walking is a tremendous stress reducing exercise compared to all:



when you walk for a while in the morning you would see the nature very closely and that actually makes you feel soo refreshed , this helps you in releasing your stress.

A person gets more and more relaxed with just a mile walk because he/she would see the things in nature very closely.



2. 30 mins walk per day is directly proportional to your weight lossWomanWalkingSideView3

Walking is one of the best best workout in loosing weight, its basically a easy work out for starters.

Start with a 20 mins walk in a day and increase it to 30 mins and so on if possible keep increasing it.

Finally make sure to increase your goal to ten thousand steps a day so that would be perfect workout for anyone.

  1. Regular walking controls blood pressure, improves sleep and gives you lot of energy

The people who walk regularly will have very rare chances of getting heart attacks, ups and downs in blood pressure. Walking can improve the immunity system in the body as it lowers the lousy cholesterol in the body and helps you to keep healthy and fit.

  1. Walking with a pedometer or gps tracker or walking along with a friend.

When your steps are measured or when you distance is measured it would fun to move forward to know your stamina. There are some GPS enabled wrist watches which will generate great enthusiasm in talking a daily walk. If possible walk with your friend it actually matters to you and your friend both will be less tired while talking to each other and both gets good workout aswell.

  1. No matter how much you crave for food walking helps you keep balanced.

There are people who just says hhhmmm for food and cant resist taking it in after seeing it, for this kind of people walking helps to stay balanced anytime.


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