4th class girl dies under suspicious circumstances at School in Karimnagar


A Class IV girl died under suspicious circumstances on Tuesday in a private school in Kotapalli village on the outskirts of Karimnagar.

Bhairavi, a 9-year-old student living in the village of Bayarivadi in Komaram Bhim Asifabad district, was approached by parents who claimed that their daughter was suffering from fever in the afternoon, despite the death at Paradise High School in Kotapalli. The girl, who complained of neck pain, went to the washroom and collapsed there. At 1 pm, school management informed parents that Vaishnavi was suffering from fever. By the time the tense parents reached the school, the girl’s body had been shifted to the district’s headquarters Mortuary.

Vaishnavi returned to school only on Sunday after visiting his parents on vacation. When she complained of neck pain, the warden asked her to speak to her mother, and Vaishnavi accused him of talking to her after coming from the washroom. Meanwhile, the school’s management said the girl had fainted when she went to the bathroom. The student’s daughter, Vandana, denied their claim, saying her daughter had never had a medical history of suffering. By the time she arrived at the school, she had expressed doubts about the transfer of the body from the school to the hospital and asked for a thorough investigation into the incident.

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Meanwhile, activists of various student unions ABVP, AISF, and SFI staged a protest demanding action against school management negligence. Although school ownership was not available to comment on the incident, police arrested union leaders and rushed to the police station.


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