4 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Isn’t Driving Great Results

4 Reasons

Content marketing is something which can be considered as the most efficient, organized and most matured ethical way to promote what exactly you are offering to your audience or customers.

The content marketing strategy may be successful for some players and whereas it can be a drastic failure to some players in the industry; it all depends on how they treat this content marketing strategy for their business.

Here are 4 reasons why your current content marketing strategy may not be working, and how you can turn it around to better achieve your business goals.

Your content sounds too sales specific

Content marketing should not be too straight to the point, suppose you are selling an HR Software through online to HR Professionals, your content marketing strategy should focus more and more on HR Policies and also advantages of automating the HR operations and so on, but it should not be direct software sale.

The strategy here is very simple, when you are talking more about HR policies and operations and also about the advantages of HR Automation, the people who visit your website are mostly HR professionals and also who are interested in HR operations, hence they are the right audience for you and moreover you will gain more brand value in their minds not just as an HR Software Provider but also as a knowledge expert.

Hence your content marketing strategy should not be too sales specific.

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Don’t Keep Some Set of the audience in your mind.

Content marketing strategist generally keeps some set of audience in their mind and write content according to them, say if there is a group of doctors in your, you keep writing about them and hopefully, you miss out the latest trends while concentrating on that.

Keeps 25% concentration on target segment, 25% on the current trends happening in the industry and the rest 50% should be completed on the product you are selling or trying to promote in the market, so that there will be a perfect balance.

Make Sure your Content is Unique.

No matter how many competitors you have in the market but still if you make a unique content in the channels you are promoting then obviously you will have a great advantage.

Say for example: if you are writing about “Invest Plans” or “ Mutual Funds’ Investments” then surely there will be hell lot of people who already wrote too many articles on the same, hence you need to write very unique things about the invest plans and mutual funds so that you gain value in your content strategy.

Are you sure About SEO?

Internet don’t need great English literature and also too much of synonyms for the normal words we use in English. Try to write content as easy as possible so that a layman can also read it and also make sure it is grammatically correct. When you write a very normal content then it would surely cover all the keywords which are optimized for Google SERP.

Use Google Keyword Planner to verify the same.






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