Hyderabad: 267 minor drivers were booked by police

hyderabad police drunk and drive

Hyderabad Traffic Police (HTP) has caught as several as 267 minors on charge of driving vehicles who do not have valid license and commenced a counseling session for parents and guardians of such under-age drivers.

“Yesterday, a special drive was conducted within the town against minors driving who do not have valid driver’s license. 267 cases are registered and this is often highest figure in recent times. Today, we tend to conducted guidance session for guardians of these who were caught in the special drive,” ACP Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Jitender told reporters.
There is a necessity on making awareness during this regard, he said, adding the session can continue for next three days.

“Every year thousands of such cases are registered. special drives can continue in future additionally for safety of public and to alter to bring down the number of road accidents as precious lives are lost in such accidents,” ACP Said police officer same.

Every commuter driving differing types of vehicles ought to be responsible and pedestrians additionally have to be compelled to be responsible, he added.


During the sessions, parents/guardians will get the awareness that under-age driving without having valid driving licenses is violation of MV Act and the person who owns the vehicle (driven by minors) are responsible for such acts, the officer aforesaid.

This is basically a good initiative from the Hyderabad traffic police and it is believed that this kind of action has come into the picture due to the recent Ramya accident which turns out to be the most hurtful tragedy in the city.

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This kind of police vehicle checking must continue so as see the remarkable change in the public. it is also the duty of the public to follow the rules framed by the governing body.



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