25% toll lanes to take cash till Jan 15: FASTag Lanes

FASTag Lanes

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has decided to deploy marshals at all the plazas across the country to avoid clutter in the toll plazas and to guide the vehicles after the toll was ordered to be converted into FASTag lanes nationwide.

In addition, regional officials of the Apex Road Development Agency will personally monitor the crowded toll plazas and determine routes to the cash lane, subject to a 25 percent restriction on total lanes based on traffic flow.

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With the launch of all Fastag lanes on Sunday, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) relaxed its previous directive, which mandated that all toll lanes be declared RFID-based Fastag lanes. The move is aimed at reducing discomfort to the general public, but it is only temporary action.

Accordingly, depending on the traffic pile-up at high traffic volume fee plazas, more than 25 percent of the fee plaza may be temporarily converted into hybrid lanes.

“Fee Plaza’s declaration that the temporary number of the Fast Tag Lane must be converted into a hybrid lane temporarily and that at least 75 percent of each Fee Plaza is declared to be a Fastag Lane of the Fee Plaza.

The ministry has also directed the NHAI to submit a report to the ministry to review the traffic and take corrective action on a regular basis.

“It has been made clear that it will be a temporary measure for 30 days for traffic to go smoothly so that there will be no inconvenience to the citizens,” the ministry said in a statement released on Saturday.

An NHAI official said the only real picture comes out on Monday, as most office-goers and travelers are given Sunday weekly leave.

“We make decisions based on the situation. The actual traffic flow will be known only on Monday. But marshals are deployed to ensure smooth running. Regional authorities will attend crowded toll plazas tomorrow,” an official said.

In an effort to promote digital payment through RFID technology-based Fastag, the government has ordered NHAI to change all toll lanes at Toll Plazas Fastag lanes from December 1. Most vehicle owners, however, have not yet switched to Fastag. The plan was postponed for a fortnight until December 14.

Switching to Fastag is set to make traffic flow at the toll plazas seamless, thus saving time and money for vehicle owners.

FASTags pasted on vehicle windscreens allow you to automatically debit a toll from a linked account without having to park the vehicle at the plaza.


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