2 women booked for chanting slogans for Babri Masjid in Hyderabad

babri Masjid

Police have registered a case against two women for illegally assembling Babri Masjid at Ujalesha Eidgha Ground in Saidabad area, police said on Friday.

According to police, the incident happened on Thursday.

The Saidabad police station has been informed that some women belonging to the Muslim community belonging to the Jeevanjarjang colony in Saidabad area will meet and pray on Thursday afternoon without any permission.

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A team of police personnel was deployed on the spot.

“110 Muslim women and girls, led by a woman, Jille Huma, illegally gathered at the Ujalesha Eidgah grounds and prayed. After completing the prayers for about 20 minutes, Huma held the mike and made provocative slogans,” police said.

The woman also criticized the Supreme Court ruling on the matter, police said.

Sections 124A (sedition), 153A (Encouraging Enmity), 153B (Arguments for National Integrity), 505-1-B (Outlandish Intent to Fear), 505-1- (C) (505-1- (C) ) (Open riot with intent to incite one another), 505-2 (adversarial statements), 295A (malicious acts, intended to offend religion) 34 )) And 109 (abetment) (Indian Penal Code).

Further investigation into the matter is going on.


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