15 boys managed to escape from juvenile home in hyderabad


HYDERABAD: Fifteen boys managed to escape from Saidabad State Juvenile Home on this Friday night.

A grievance was lodged within the local PS regarding the incident. Most of the boys were within the age group of fourteen to seventeen years.

At the late night, sixteen boys entered the toilet and removed the bars of the ventilator.
They squeezed through the ventilator and came out of the building.

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Later, they climbed the compound wall and managed to escape from the premises. Officials aforesaid that ten boys are from Rangareddy district, four from Hyderabad and one from Mahbubnagar.

The boys were involved in numerous offenses and 3 among them had escaped from the house in the past.
Visuals from the CCTV showed a bunch of boys leaving the house within the middle of the night; one amongst the boys even theft a motorbike put within the neighborhood. according to the police, they used a cutting player to break open the grill.


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