Range Rover Experience Tour in Hyderabad from June 10th-12th – Fourth.in


Land Rover India has made a great announcement recently that its next experience tour will be in Hyderabad. Experience tour is something where the existing customers or prospective buyers will book a slot to drive the vehicle in the natural terrain so as to know the performance of the vehicle.


10 vehicles have been kept in this event, range rover Evoke SUV is one among them, this event starts from June 10th to June 12th, the venue will be Hotel Novotel, Which is near by shamshabad Airport.

Most of these events have artificial terrains so as to make sure their vehicles are safe but the terrains are completely natural and it makes the driver feel very natural and can know the performance of the vehicle perfectly that is terrain responsive system.

So the conditions to participate in this event are

  1. He/she must 18 years and above
  2. Must have a valid Driving licence
  3. should be able to spend Rs. 5000 as registration fee

Every participant will have a guide on how to drive the vehicle and can spend 45 mins with the car.  Every day there will be 4 slots available and 10 participants can participate in each slot.

This is actually a great opportunity for the Range rover lovers, range rover actually attracts so many customers, and here is a great opportunity for all those range rover lovers.

Please note this is first come first serve, go and book your slots ASAP..



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