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Road Safety: New regulations from Govt of india to change face of Indian roads

2020 BSIV Norms to come into effect

Making safety systems necessary in vehicles

India is known to record one among the highest range of road accident-related fatalities within the world. a significant contributory issue is that the lack of safety systems like airbags and ABS in vehicles. while it should be too late, the govt has finally woken up to the seriousness of the problem. The list of latest rules include creating crash tests, airbags and ABS necessary in all vehicles sold-out in India by 2017. Motorcycles are needed to possess CBS or ABS if their engine displacements are over 125cc. New two-wheelers need to follow by April 2017 whereas existing ones have up to April 2018.

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Road safety

With regards to road safety, the ministry has spotted 726 dangerous spots on highways, wherever fatal accidents are frequent. labelled as Black Spots, the ministry has chronicled the locations, highway range, number of fatalities and also the reasons for frequent accidents. each year the ministry disburses Rs 9,000 crore to State Transport Ministers to eliminate these Black Spots. the govt estimates a fifty per cent drop in fatalities by properly identifying these Black Spots. However, the issue of rising number of accident-related fatalities has to be self-addressed at the grass-roots level. Besides overhauling the licensing system throughout the country and improving driver coaching facilities, the law generally has to be enforced strictly.

The new rules are set to bring a positive change; but, drafting a proposal is simply one side. Implementing these rules are going to be an altogether totally different ball game for the govt. however quickly and effectively it manages to do this remains to be seen.

Govt is also looking out at Manufacturing hybrid/electric vehicles in India

The government is additionally urging automobile and auto part makers in India|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} to urge concerned in producing pure electric/hybrid vehicles and their parts in India. the govt believes that the production in the country can considerably cut back the value of electrical vehicles. The high purchase price and lack of charging infrastructure is one in all the first reasons why electrical cars haven’t received the required response. Pawan Goenka additionally stated that an electrical automotive within the Rs 6-8 lakh bracket makes additional sense in our country.

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