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Is Cloud Bursting Right for Your Organization?

Is Cloud Bursting Right for Your Organization?

The biggest achievement of the hybrid cloud which can be given to the data center is the “efficiency”. Data centers were earlier created for any particular special purpose but now these data centers are serving the special purposes and involving in multiple heavy duty analytics and performing business-critical actions which include

Is Your Smart Phone Hanging Continuously?

smart phone hanging

Smart Phones generally hang when they are heavingly used without following these things and so have a look at what things must be implemented so as to make sure you will have a good functioning of your smartphone. #Restart Phone Restart or switch off your mobile for couple of minutes and that is the easiest way to resolve hanging drawback and smooth operation

Digital Marketing giant GenYmedium Acquires TailCurrent

Ravi Jain, cofounder of GenY Medium

Digital marketing company GenY Medium has acquired TailCurrent, a B2B lead generation company, which has huge customer DB across india and abroad "This partnership will give us an entry into the western countries," said Ravi Jain, cofounder of GenY Medium which helps companies manage perceptions in the online space using technology and