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Top 3 Approaches for killer Remarketing Campaign (Google AdWords)

remarketing best practices

Remarketing Campaigns are the type of campaigns where we can target people who already visited our website. Remarketing campaigns are mostly suitable for the users who have fewer budgets and also who wants to target only specific customers of their niche. Basically, these campaigns do not hit the new customers but will keep reminding our…


Data Center

Selecting a data center or colocation provider is a big decision for your business. After all, you’ll be housing your mission-critical infrastructure within someone else’s facility. Before you make a selection there are a number of criteria you should take into account. This list isn’t intended to be the definitive list of questions for every…

6 things to consider before moving to cloud

Cloud Computing

Cloud is the latest technology which is creating great results for the companies due to the several benefits of cloud computing. The most important and crucial aspect of this technology is the adoption or migration process. In fact this stage is the most challenging stage for IT managers of company in question. There are many…

Hyderabad firm RDP Workstations launches laptop for Rs. 9,990

RDP workstations thinbook

IT Minister of Telangana State Mr. Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao on Wednesday has conveyed that the state government will be keen on encouraging the young entrepreneurs as part of the development of the state. Speaking after launching a laptop Thinbook, priced at Rs.9,990, of a Hyderabad-headquartered RDP Workstations Pvt Ltd, the Minister said such packages…

Is Cloud Bursting Right for Your Organization?

Is Cloud Bursting Right for Your Organization?

The biggest achievement of the hybrid cloud which can be given to the data center is the “efficiency”. Data centers were earlier created for any particular special purpose but now these data centers are serving the special purposes and involving in multiple heavy duty analytics and performing business-critical actions which include storage provisioning, safeguarding sensitive…

Facebook Announced today that Facebook Don’t Allow content that promote Violence

facebook violence

Facebook has updated its community standards and guidelines to provide “more clarity” on the content it allows or bans on its service. Facebook announced today that, it won’t allow or encourage the content which promotes the violence or any kind of hate speech related content in its platform as there has been lot of terror…

Google Web Light: Why is it and How it Works ?

why google weblight

Smartphone is one among the foremost well-liked technology device that is improving, advanced and widely accepted, on the premise of information collected 83.6% of web|the web|the net} is accessed from the mobile device (Source – mobile net user penetration worldwide ) by most of the individuals worldwide and in developed countries net speed is good…

Is Your Smart Phone Hanging Continuously?

smart phone hanging

Smart Phones generally hang when they are heavingly used without following these things and so have a look at what things must be implemented so as to make sure you will have a good functioning of your smartphone. #Restart Phone Restart or switch off your mobile for couple of minutes and that is the easiest way to resolve hanging drawback and smooth operation of your smart…