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Top 5 motorcycles under Rs. 1 lakhs

Top 5 motorcycles under Rs. 1 lakhs

The Indian two-wheeler market has witnessed a lot of buzz in the motorcycle segment under Rs. 1 lakh. Every motorcycle that impressed us yesterday is being replaced by newer, better and stronger models coming up the block. The reason behind this segment being the most happening is that the motorcycles in

Metro Cash and Carry Opens 4th Outlet in Hyderabad

Metro new outlet hyderebad

Metro Cash & Carry India, a number one organized Wholesale store, opened an additional wholesale warehouse in Hyderabad, its fourth within the town and twenty-fourth within the country. The new outlet is seen to bolster Metro's business by augmenting the present base of nearly 2 lakh business customers. “Hyderabad may be a

Affiliate Leadership Style to Master in Your Work Environment

Affiliate Leadership

When is affiliate leadership ineffective? When the target is challenging and complex, the leader is expected to give strategies and directives rather than to sort out emotional constrains. Hence to accomplish composite projects and deadlines, this style of leadership will not be helpful. Moreover, if the leader cannot read the poignant undercurrents